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We are the only English-language newspaper in Ukraine

The Kyiv Post turned 20 in 2015 and is the only English-language newspaper in Ukraine that survived and thrived -- training scores of talented journalists. Your support helps us stay as Ukraine's Global Voice to the English-speaking world, delivering honest news continuously. Most of our exclusive content is free for at least 24 hours. But contributions and online subscriptions are vital to keep providing reliable news.

We withstand Russian propaganda

At a time when Ukraine is being outgunned in the information war by Kremlin propaganda, the Kyiv Post matters more than ever as a source of reliable English-language news. A study found in 2014 that the Kyiv Post is the most cited source of news about Ukraine in the Western press and second only to another publication when Russia is taken into account. Please help us keep up the good work.

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We are one of a few independent media outlets in Ukraine

A vibrant press is essential to any democracy – especially Ukraine's fledgling state and attempts to shed its Soviet past. The Kyiv Post is of the few media outlets that has managed to preserve its independence in a nation where too many news outlets are still owned by business moguls who use their holdings as propaganda tools. Your subscription will help us stay independent during these harsh times.

Great journalism requires community support.

We try to raise the bar for quality reporting in Ukraine

The Kyiv Post matters as a role model of ethical journalism with Western standards in Ukraine. The newspaper adheres to the principle of the commercial - editorial separation. The publisher and commercial team do not violate editorial independence. News decisions are made by journalists free from outside interference. Our journalists also appear regularly at Ukraine's journalism schools to offer lectures, training and advice.

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Media need a sustainable business model

It takes money to cover news. The Internet disrupted the traditional model of advertising, reducing print advertising and lowering the price of online advertising. Consequently, the Kyiv Post became the first news organization in Ukraine to erect a paywall, which we believe is an essential component to a sustainable business model for independent news media.

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